About us

In a small workshop in Antelias lie rough sketches of Abayat made of muslin, silk,cotton, velvet or brocade. Few of them remain classic, while paintings and Arabic scriptures such as Inta Omri or Ahwak beautifully transform others. This is how Atelier Nanou produces its original Abayat, always relying on Nanou's( Moawad Karam, creator and owner of this entreprise ) constant creativity and attachement to the Arab and Lebanese culture. This textile industry was born when interior designer Nanou decided to create her own Abayat in her late twenties, by conceiving and producing her own pieces of work. Her  stay in Paris gave her a distinguished and modern taste in fashion, which can be seen in the diversity of her creations and in the patience and precision she offers to her work.


In Atelier Nanou, each accessory takes us back to a space and period of time in the Arab world. Artisan and hand crafted rings, backhanders with embrodery , Tarabich on Nanou's Abbayat were a great success among Lebanese Artisans' clients for they are what only remained of the past Arab dream.


If you ever get hit by a sudden need of authenticity, Atelier Nanou will fill your wardrobe with its unique cachet and will cover your fingers with stories of gently dying kingdoms and princesses.


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